Khulna District Information
Khulna district was established on 1882. It consists of 9 upazilas and 5 thanas, 71 union parishads, 2 municipalities, 47 wards, 188 mahallas, 747 mouzas and 1106 villages.
Area: 4394.46 square kilometers
Bounded by: Jessore and Narail districts on the north, the bay of bengal on the south, Bagerhat district on the east, Satkhira district on the west
History: 16 December of 1971, Independent Bangladesh was established but Khulna was under the control of Pakistan Army. Next on 17 December as the Pakistani Army surrendered in the Circuit House ground then Khulna got her Independence. Pir Khan Jahan Ali came to preach Islam in this district about 400 years ago. In 1926 Mahatma Gandhi came to Khalishpur to inspire the Swadeshi Movement.
Archeology: Agriculture 25.11%, fishing 1.66%, agricultural labourer 11.3%, wage labourer 7.15%, industry 16.38%, transport 4.09%, constructions 1.53%, service 18.93%, others 12.22%.
source - banglapedia